Saved for the owner


I was listening to 93.7thefan today and apparently last year around this time of the year, Sidney Crosby showed up at the radio station where they broadcast from, and his car was full of shopping bags. The people at 93.7thefan were taking part in a “toys for tots” program and, of his own accord, Sid had gone to toy stores and purchased a ton of toys, drove them over to the radio station, and dropped them off.

He did the same thing today.


Welp, Happy Holidays, pens fans [x]

the pittsburgh penguins are pleased to offer you the official penguins holiday album!


  1. embraceadevil said:but but, those glasses made him look even handsomer. (if that’s even a word) but those glasses made that handsome man even more good looking than what we all thought was possbile :P

I don’t know if it’s a girl thing or a people…

I don’t think less of female hockey fans, I know most of you are hardcore fans. I just really dislike having to scroll past 20 posts of Neal in glasses and seeing the same damn comments.


Imagine if they met

And took a picture together

The hair!

Oh dear lord the hair!